Many fashion brands are implementing production processes respecting strict ethical and environmental standards, through good practices such as the reduction of waste, the use of recycled materials and the recyclability of the product itself.

Among the most productive sectors in this sense is the world of accessories: traditional bijoux and what we could define as their hi-tech alter ego, i.e. smartwatches and earphones. Technological accessories are now part of our outfits, we use to wear them and, not surprisingly, they are increasingly customizable.

Fashion, technology and sustainability are no longer antithetical terms.

Many jewellery designers make their creations using recycled materials, from aluminium for costume jewellery to recycled precious metals. Examples are Vestopazzo's Aluminium collection and the creations of Swedish artist Ana-Maria Atonoiae, owner of Ferunas, which combine recycled silver and 3D printing techniques.

Certified gemstones and precious stones, extracted according to ethical procedures or treated following environmental standards without toxic emissions, are more and more diffused. They are the so-called "environmentally-conscious" materials.

The jewellery brand Futura, for instance, uses only Fairmined Ecological certified gold. It doesn't emit toxic mercury into the environment. Bario Neal instead uses precious metals and gemstones with a traced origin.

The technology industry brands, now designers and producers of consumer fashion accessories, have taken up the challenge of sustainable hi-tech. In this case, the phenomena to counteract are the environmental impact of waste from the electronics industry and the serious theme of planned obsolescence. Among the good practices introduced by the sector is the use of recycled metals recovered from electronic industry waste, the increase of the durability of products and the introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies that involve raising awareness of producers and consumers about sustainability. In this regard, a positive example is the innovative start-up Planet Beyond, which has put on the market at affordable prices customizable jewellery earphones made entirely from recycled metals.


Fashion and technology lovers now have at their disposal a wide range of interchangeable, customizable, aesthetically pleasing, ecological and ethically sustainable accessories. A reason more to wear them.