The new integrated service spaces that today are part of smart working building designs are many: they range from the kitchenette, where everyone can warm up a meal brought from home or ordered online and eat it together with colleagues, to the cafeteria, with two or four tables for business meetings in front of a cup of tea. The principle is to reproduce as much as possible familiar environments that predispose the soul to serenity and collaboration among colleagues. One of the needs that emerge, however, in large open spaces environments is privacy: this has changed individual habits a lot, and more and more often there is a significant lowering of decibels within these large environments. People are learning to speak more and more quietly and with respect for everyone. But often this is not enough, because there are needs such as telephone calls, or reading a document that requires a lot of concentration, for which there are special soundproofed spaces, very compact and welcoming, where silence is total and where privacy is maximum and guaranteed. The presence of powerful wifi everywhere allows you to work from every corner of the building, even on the terrace, or in the garden, if you want to be outdoors. More and more adopted as integrative solutions, there are also gyms available to workers. Still, the most appreciated, especially by those who have family, are the deliveries to the office of shopping, dye-works, pharmacy or other packages, which free precious hours of private life to more pleasant and relaxing activities once working hours are over, just to maximize the daily budget of well-being, the true goal of smart working.