On the occasion of the press conference held on 25 July 2019, the rich programme of events has been presented: it will start next September at BAM, the first park without fences in town.


BAM. The logo chosen for this project immediately refers to the essence of the park: a unique place in the City where you can live cultural experiences in direct contact with nature. From the inscription I AM composed of the books of a library; in fact, branches develop that intertwine and ideally embrace all citizens.

With its 90,000 square metres of green space, BAM ranks third in size as a public park in Milan, with a pedestrian area of 160,000 square metres if one considers the integrated system that includes Piazza Gae Aulenti, the headquarters of the Lombardy Region and Piazza Della Repubblica. However, the characteristic that distinguishes it as excellence within the panorama, not only Milanese but also national, is the absence of any fence or controlled access, a factor that underlines, even more, its vocation as a meeting place open to all. Another important primacy concerns the managerial aspect; in fact, it was born thanks to the first collaboration agreement between the public (Municipality of Milan) and private (COIMA SGR and Riccardo Catella Foundation) for the management of a public park in Italy. 

The variety of one hundred different tree species represented by the 135,000 plants scattered in the vibrant design of areas used (declined) for lawns, ornamental gardens and circular forests similar to open-air rooms makes the Library of Trees much more than just an urban park but a real botanical exhibition. It will be possible to discover all this through the numerous initiatives planned from September, such as walks, talks and workshops on the heritage of the park and respect for the green.

BAM's goal is to become the nerve centre of a civic and cultural network open to all through a programme of events inspired by the SDGs, the 17 UN sustainable development objectives. These events base on four pillars: #nature, #openairculture, #wellness and #education. In the light of the agreement signed between the public and private sectors, the technical management entrusts to the Riccardo Catella Foundation, which coordinates the various initiatives also managed by the various partnerships participating in the project. Each of them has been asked to develop one of these four themes with activities that range from wellness programs with free sessions to picnics with music, from street art performances to educational and creative workshops on innovation and sustainability. 

The opening of this rich cultural calendar will take place on 8 September with the concert "Back to the City" performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala. It is for the first time that the Philarmonic is involved in an "en plein air" performance: "the best way to regain possession of urban spaces after the summer break" as commented Michele Crisci, President of Volvo Car Italia, Park Ambassador of BAM.