The concerned property includes two buildings of the 1960s and the area in-between, overlooking two ordinary traffic circulation streets – Corso Vercelli (high circulation) and Via Mauri (more limited circulation).

The property has no green or adjacent walk-on areas on the ground floor, which is completely covered by the shopping arcade – a distinctive feature of the neighbourhood.

The building on Corso Vercelli (building A) is recessed from the street. It has eight above-ground floors, a metal pitched roof, and lower annexed buildings, both on the front and on the back, with walk-on terraces on the top (buildings A1, A2, A3).

The building on Via Mauri (building B), in continuity with these, is also lower and has five floors and terraces on the top.

The space among these buildings hosts to the roofing of the shopping arcade, which spans across the whole ground floor of the property and is finished with an exposed tar sheath and fitted with skylights, some of which are no longer in use.

An underground floor hosts to a garage, service rooms, and warehouses of the above shops. Car access is on Via Mauri.

While the buildings are finished with mosaics or clinker, typical of the construction period, the front wall of the main building on Corso Vercelli is coated with metal panels.

The windows are mostly original and have a wooden frame and single glass panes, except the ones on the balconies overlooking Corso Vercelli, which are fitted with an additional Venetian blind system in the gap between both glass panes.

The heating system includes a centralized generation system powered by two gas-oil boilers located in appropriate power rooms on the ground floor, while heating in the residential units is obtained via ceiling-mounted radiant panels. Each unit is also fitted with a boiler for the production of hot water for sanitary purposes.





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